At High Power Coaching, we specialize in road racing and mountain bike race coaching for seasoned athletes as well as beginner programs for riders just getting started. We can help experienced athletes reach new levels of performance and coach new riders the right way from the very beginning.

​Each person requires individualized training so they will achieve the biggest rewards. Whether is is bicycle road racing, mountain biking, a Gran Fondo, or simply wanting to ride your bike faster and farther, we have a customized plan specific to your needs and experience. There are no 'cookie cutter' plans! 

Each plan is based off your background, training data, FTP testing, your goals, building your weakness, polishing your strengths.

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about The COACH


For 2019 Paul is an Elite Coach @ Peaks Coaching Group

Established in 2005, High Power Coaching was built on the belief that each athlete is an individual with unique abilities, capabilities and qualities. Paul has been racing and training since his teenage years. The racing and training experience of his many years of racing is shared with his athletes. Paul stays on the cutting edge of coaching with annual coaching education, following the latest breakthroughs, reading the latest cycling and fitness trends.

Some of Paul's qualifications and experience.

Training Peaks Level 1 Certified Coach
USA Cycling Level 2 Coach
Trains/Coaches With Power
20+ Years Road Racing
Cat II Road Cyclist
15+ Years Competitive Mountain Biking

road racing and mountain biking on Zwift and Trainer Road